Selfless Paper Heart 

Once upon a time there was a boy

A special boy

With a special heart

And I guess that’s where we’ll start,

There once lived a boy with a paper heart

And all he owned was a mysterious cart

It was a magical cart that much we knew

It granted a wish just one per blue moon

But not for me and not for you

Just for the boy that’s all it could do

This cart had limits and couldn’t move

Now this boy was strange and odd indeed

Never spoke a wish on these blue evenings

Not a wish, not a gift he gave to himself

He saved those precious gifts for he wanted nothing else

Just one thing that this cart could not provide 

Was to remind a most beautiful girl with a paper mind

That he loved her more than anything that she was truly a find

He was most sorry; he wished they had more time

There once lived a girl with a paper mind

A special girl

With a special mind

In search of a boy who was selfless and cared

She searched in the rocks and under the trees

All in search of a boy to hear her heartfelt pleas

She all but gave up hope

Until she found a magic rope

It led her to a strange place,

Filled with a fantastic race

She soon found an odd boy who filled her with a crazy joy

He had a magic cart and then she knew where to start

“Oh boy, oh boy with the magic cart,”

Give me a wish

The blue moon it’s almost about to start

The boy looked down and faked a sneer

He climbed on his cart so she wasn’t anywhere near

I give away no wish, not to you or anyone!

Well, you see the boy was cursed to never

make a selfish wish or else she forgets him all over again

She shouted so loudly that everyone could hear

You’re a selfish boy and love is your fear

He hated those horrid lies and try as he might

He just couldn’t keep up the fight

The boy looked at the moon and as quiet as he could

He whispered

“I want her to remember, don’t you think love is good?”

He knew his wish was heard as a crack of whip

Took away his only relationship

He looked at her with flowing tears

She looked back at him with a paper mind

Gazing at her with love in his eyes

“Just another day to watch you forget “

Looking at him and with a huge smile

Asked that one question she asked every time

I’m looking for a boy that’s selfless and cares


The inky friend

My body went stiff and my legs locked as my hand began to burn.

Ink thick and silvery, like hot mercury dripping from my outstretched hand. It splattered the floor with a hot hiss against the concrete.

The feeling in my head making me scream, like a hot poker being pressed into my brain.

I wanted to black out, to have this pain stop but I couldn’t. Not a single thing I tried could do anything to halt it. I had only one thing at my disposal to do and that was to  watch as the ink dripped from the carvings on my flesh.It was all my fault i had let my addiction go to far.

I felt such fear, all alone in this massive factory, so late at night.

I watched in frozen terror as a small form started to emerge from the ink puddle on the floor like a small badly carved creature made completely out of silver. It gleamed in the moonlight that struck it from a high window on the east wall.

My head started to clear and I grabbed my hand in pain now that I could finally move it from the paralysis that had me in its clutches just moments before.

The silver inky substance seemed to have stopped flowing as a dark crimson red now stained my skin and I could see dried blood that now encrusted the scar on my arm where just moments before was ablaze with a bright white light

I looked back to the lump on the floor which looked less like a puddle and more like a small creature covered in silver.

It was slumped down with what I assumed its face turned towards the ground. I took a step closer still holding my hand firmly.

There was fear coursing through me but I sucked it up and continued, crouching down to get a closer look. The creature seemed to tremble making its back look like little ripples on the suface of pond. Looking up at me,“what in the world are you little guy? “ I said sweetly as if talking to a baby.

 That’s what it looks like I thought to myself it’s so cute.

Milky ink trailed down its face revealing the most stunning eyes, it blinked at me catching the light in those large orbes that where fixed into its head. I turned my head in curiosity. A small milky bubble popped from where I could only assume was its nose.

I laughed to myself quietly which turned into a cough. I grabbed my stomach  where I was hit earlier.

My ribs are probably broken I thought to myself wincing in pain and grimacing at my stupidity. 

As I looked at the small creature a feeling of horror overtook me as I realized something very important was missing

Not a single comment, not a single funny remark

My voice,

My companion,

My only friend,

The voice in my head when everything felt dark

He was gone

I looked at the creature and a feeling of anger started to bubble as I realized when it appeared my friend disappeared.

“What did you do to me, I don’t want to be normal I screamed!”

I could feel the anger start to slowly consume me when i heard a familar voice that quieted the anger in me.

“I’m right here Elijah,” a voice said in my head  

“Why did you let me feel that way, “ I said out loud with a trace of hurt attached to it. 

I was waiting till you were  done but look at me aren’t I cute ?,he replied with a whisper though my thoughts distracting me from my pain.

“Wait …that’s you” I looked more closely at the small creature it snorted again and I laughed wincing a little. 

“my friend how did you?!” I exclaimed

I have no clue but we have more questions than answers now don’t we

“I guess we do”I replied as my voice carried through the darkness .

The path

Why is it when you find such peace in nature
Such inspiration such wonder
We desire to destroy to ruin what we have been given to protect
The long wondering path though the ancient wood
The creativity even potential take that away from it we all could
But instead we ravage disrupt and completely ruin what is are home
Do we go back to our parents home and burn it down
Or do we treat it as if it has some supernatural hold over us
Let us appreciate what has been bestowed upon us let it have that supernatural hold that we all feel when we wonder the path the beautiful trail of imagination and wonder

The elements

Singed by light and fire?
Like a moth drawn to the flame?
Then let the past burn.

Craving heat and warmth?
Fleeing from winter’s cold? Wrap
Yourself in blankets.

Hemmed in by steep walls?
Locked doors? Wait. Look toward the roof.
There is a ladder.

Buried underground?
Weighted down by life’s demands?
Dig roots into soil.

Scattered by the wind?
Let yourself be blown apart.
You will become whole.

Flying far too high?
Lost sight of the earth? Glide on.
Wing your way toward God.

Battling with fog?
Do not resist. Cling to the
Ground or soar above.

Dragged underwater?
Sink deep. Surrender to grief.
You will rise again.

The last kind

The forces stretched far and deep

Flowing Across the lays of existence

We will find but not in are own essence

Tho Kayasha told us where to grasp

Only those who disrespect the foundations

Protected with zero absolution

Blind to the world but not to the essence

Can find themselves thee enlightenment

Giving up your own deficiency

Embrace the insecurities

Though the purge of inadequate essen

Liberate unfounded inhibitions

Immerse in the rivers

Baptism though the soul

Converted into true essence

Where the final step gives you control

Then discover the truth

You are the last of your kind

The Thirst

Water fire air and earth
All these things it’s what I thirst
Smooth calm and brilliantly bright
Dark and moody with a powerful might
Water is here and water is there
But there still the power of air
Fast and jaged or small and concise
Fire is warm and never nice
So strong barely give it thought
Then there’s earth always around
Always right sitting alone with all its might .I need all of these and more that’s what I thirst what I Desire it keeps me sane it avoides the pain


Magical insight

There’s one thing I owe a lot to in my life. That I guess I hadn’t realized how much has shaped it. They’re called books. I want to say something that I feel is very important and it’s that you’re okay .

I owe so much to authors and the stories that they’ve crafted. All the effort they put forward to claim just a moment of our lives. There are so many reasons people write but there’s one reason I write and it’s those authors that write for this reason that I want to thank in particular.

it’s the writers who give readers a little piece of what has gotten them by, a little piece of their heaven. Most importantly to open up a piece of our soul to you to let you crawl in and wander around to gaze in wonder or cry in despair. I want to thank those authors that have gotten me through some very tough times, you’ve been my escape the person I turn to when the people from reality are just too much it’s all those reasons that I wrote this book. So thank you, authors, thank you for the friends you’ve given me when my other friends were just too mean,too unreliable.

You taught me wrong from right

You taught me virtues, to be honest, to always save those who are less fortunate.I have seen the darkness and that has helped me appreciate the light.

I owe my life to books

And it’s time to share my heart ships, my joys and it’s time to give back

Hopefully, I can touch your lives like the writers before I have touched mine.

So get ready

To step into my imagination

And be in tune with your inner essen.


“those people” crazy hair, tattoos on there face the ones we shy away from, uncomfortable

Where there are people walking the street we judged

we do it over the sound of cars and advertisement on the television

its how we live

the many engines of the sky and the people that demand normality

It was rarely so quiet that we hear the silent sobs are words constitute.

Where the tears don’t stop as we drove to the movies or a café.

its what’s expected

To be glared upon by the faces of contempt and placid obedience

their ignorance of the pain around.

People with faces covered by masks of joy and happiness with the aura of normality

it’s who we are

And though we know the crying that hides behind the mask

we continue the facade of peacefulness of tranquility

so we go through the day for this is how we tell one hour from another

it’s where we exist

how healing wounds times in return for this is what we have

those moments where the only kindness is which one has fewer grieves the one we hold onto

we cherish against the others which are many

but when will it change

we don’t ask the right questions they accept what it is, how it is, who we are and where we live

but there’s one question that I can’t answer and the one people refuse to say the word that resonates through the dark to usher in change


Then Theres You

so many things

people don’t


where people stand

letting them pass by

then there’s you

chase and run

then there’s you

the things i’d do

I would do for you

out of joy for you

climb up a mountain

fly off a cliff

drown in the ocean

freeze my legs stiff

give every thing

including my last breath

forgive but not regret

cry my eyes out

even go blind

change my heart and my mind

for i’d do all this and more

because it is you

I love cherish and adore

then there’s you


Is anyone not truly touched by madness Or is it by chance the label on them Stuck to there face for not forming to normality to caste off the shackles of reality to use the only weapon one can wield against the war called reality it warps your mind into crazy madness Where screams into the void of darkness turns into the normality Wishing something appears out of obscurity Where your thoughts run so deep you can barely sleep so they call you mad and lock you away for daring to speak where your think of too many things in succession or one thing too exclusively and your mind is lost truly convinced of your diagnoses so they fight for normality but not truly accepting the reality succumbing  where it’s just a formality to your own madness which is now normality