The writers block

My mind seems to be in turmoil

This feeling of unease of uncertainty

Seems to consume me

Who am I to be filled with self-doubt

I am a king

I am a god

I fought to get to where I am

Of all the people

I am least likely to be stricken by this blight

It is I who created these worlds

Modeled the inhabitant to my ideas

I am a creator the almighty

I shouldn’t be filled with doubt

Controlled by this blight

please …Its a need to write


The Story Teller 

If you are a wizard, a sorcerer ,the king,the servant, the dragon rider or the dark lord

Come in, come in ,theres no one as powerful as I

Walk through my door

Cuz I’ve a story to tell,

And there’s no one more powerful than a story teller that’s ready to tell, we know thats true 

Come in come in

Don’t be scared, it’s just me 

What could i possibly do ? 

The Stories

It was at this insignificant place here at the cafe

where it is pleasantly calming even with the employees yelling

The bad sitcom on in the corner always running .

An old man just wants a coffee and employees are being annoying.

it’s all life and I guess knowing everyone has a story

makes me feel content to speak my own



The journey

The miles ahead means nothing to the miles I’ve gone

these long winding roads that grow.

I have so many miles to go,

this journey seems long, my mind weak

my body shows my age . I wish to lay, to sleep.

there no end in sight,so must we continue on

it’s the lie we make, it’s the bond we keep




Leap of faith

Almost as if she wants me to feel this pain.To live this way day after day.I don’t understand.

This, is love ?

Is this how people keep moving on ?

I wonder why ?

This is what people do, giving someone such power over one’s self.Handing them the weapon that can destroy you.

I knew one thing over all else
I’m afraid.

As if handing her the parachute and taking the leap myself

Well,here I go.

Killing Angels

Clouds drifting,flowing and white
Lifting my hatred,starting a fight.
I slew the angels
That flew from in the clouds.
It was then I Swung my sword with all my might
it came to pass these things I write.
I hating their purity ,they ignored my plight.
I stole their life to saturate this thing called my soul,
The agony they felt filled me with exhilaration.
As if I was finally alive,feeling  for the first time.
This was my drug,my addiction,
As if it was myself on the crucifixion.
I was the destroyer of angels,
The herald of pain,
And this was my mission.

The last kind

The forces stretched far and deep

Flowing Across the lays of existence

We will find but not in are own essence

Tho Kayasha told us where to grasp

Only those who disrespect the foundations

Protected with zero absolution

Blind to the world but not to the essence

Can find themselves thee enlightenment

Giving up your own deficiency

Embrace the insecurities

Though the purge of inadequate essen

Liberate unfounded inhibitions

Immerse in the rivers

Baptism though the soul

Converted into true essence

Where the final step gives you control

Then discover the truth

You are the last of your kind


Every day 

It seemed to come back to me 

This memory trying to flee 

Of the most beautiful day 

Despite the sun not showing a single ray

I hate this feelig of it all slipping away 

Despicable how my brain is day by day 

But always theres somethings that reminds me 

That life , 

Its all okay 

Not to cry about, 

of moment that got away 

New memories are made 

Every day